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  1. Are the COVID-19 vaccines safe? What is actually in the COVID-19 vaccines and were they developed before the actual pandemic?
  2. Was there really a COVID-19 pandemic in 2020 or was it all scaremongering?
  3. Are facemasks and lockdowns effective or necessary to combat COVID-19? Can we trust the authorities and the Media or do they have a vested interest for power or financial reasons?
  4. Is COVID-19 just the seasonal flu for which our immune system can easily deal with it or is it man-made, patented or a Bioweapon?
  5. Where did it come from? Did COVID-19 really originate from a lab in Wuhan, China? Could it really be a Plandemic?
  6. Is the PCR test reliable or does it even work? And what is mRNA, shedding, or the spike protein? How do they work?
  7. Who regulates the big-Pharma or are they outside of regulatory controls and cannot be sued if things go wrong?
  8. Are there any safe alternatives to the Jab? Is the science even settled?
  9. Are vaccines really needed for the children when COVID-19 is supposedly primarily a killer of old people?
  10. Is or will the Jab become compulsory?
  11. Who can I really trust so that I can identify Conspiracy Theories or misinformation?

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