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In 2021, Taumarunui Bulletin owner/editor Mark Ebrey banned this website refusing my adverts as well as all dissenting letters to the editor. This website is an ongoing, 'developing' project with an increasing importance as predictions have unfortunately come true.

NOTE: A major shift is currently (January 2022) occurring with a major resistance to TPTB narrative flushing across the globe, Canadian truckers, major European protests, backdowns, resignations of thousands of politicians, corporate leadership changes, US Military arrests and hangings in Gitmo as the heat in a 'war of truth' continues. Across the globe resistance to the COVID-19 narrative has occurred with backdowns in Germany, Australia, Sweden, The Netherlands, France, Denmark, Norway, Japan and more ...

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Hello, my name is Dennis, and I consider that it is my 'job' to ask the questions, to do the research, to find the truth and then to share it with you.

Is the COVID-19 vaccine safe? Officialdom says, "Yes!" then "No more" (Germany) and "No more" (Denmark). Many others say, "No!" and vaccine hesitancy is now rampant. Huge numbers of vaccine deaths are now being reported and it appears as though Genocide is indeed occurring.

Following much media and political hype through 2020 & 2021 the tide appears to be turning with some even apologising for their participation in their previous deception as well as some good summaries of the conflict.

Was there really a COVID-19 pandemic in 2020 or was it all scaremongering? Officialdom says. "Yes. The hospitals were full!" Many others say, "No! They were actually empty! It was actually an over-hyped Plandemic!"

Are facemasks, lockdowns and vaccines effective or necessary to combat COVID-19? Officialdom says. "Yes!" despite the psychological trauma or weird official statistics. Many others question the vaccines and say, "No!"

Is COVID-19 just the seasonal flu for which our natural immunity an option or is it man-made, patented or a Bioweapon? Officialdom says. "No!" and you need boosters. Many others say, "Yes!"

Then, where did it come from? Did COVID-19 really originate from a lab in Wuhan, China and was this a covered Up? Could it really be a Plandemic? Officialdom says. "No!" then "Maybe" then "Yes, but it was an accident!" Many others say, "Of course!" and "It was no accident!"

Then, is the PCR test reliable or does it even work? Officialdom says, "Yes!" But then changed the cycles." Many others say, "The nasal swabs are saturated with toxic EO!" and explain why it has been discredited.

Are there any safe alternatives to the Jab? Officialdom says, "Well ... That's not really our business!" Many others say, "Yes there are!" and "Uttar Pradesh uses Ivermectin pretty well!"

Are vaccines really needed for the children when COVID-19 is a killer of old people? Officialdom says, "No!" then "Yes!" Many others say, "Definitely not!"

Is the science settled? Officialdom says, "Yes!" Many others say, "No!" some leaders even calling it an "international psychosis", a "monkey virus" and scientists claiming that it has never been isolated.

Is or will the Jab become compulsory or vaccine passports be introduced and then actually required for public services? Some say, "No, Never!" Others, "Inevitably!" and they point to totalitarian examples and malicious people.

What is mRNA, shedding, the spike protein or variants?

How do I identify Conspiracy Theories or misinformation and what about 5G? What if they are arresting some? Officialdom says. "Trust Us!" Many others say, "You can't trust Officialdom"; do the research; ask questions; then trust your instinct!"

This website is designed by NZ-based Private Investigative blogger & author Dennis A. Smith to help you with answers to the questions that officialdom doesn't want you to ask. It does not claim to cover all aspects of this intrigue.

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