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Wuhan lab cover-up

DR Reiner Fuellmich Crime Against Humanity.

Pfizer cover-up. "It appears to be no more lethal than seasonal influenza. It seems to be airborne and spreads rapidly among infected populations. The symptoms may appear perilous, but based on our analysis, the average person has a 99.6% chance of full recovery." and "Truth be told, we probably don’t need a vaccine for this, but it’s important that you impress upon your peers, the CDC and people like Anthony Fauci, that a vaccine is necessary to ensure survival of the American people. The Trump administration must be made to believe this. The quicker we get this rolling, the faster we can distribute the vaccine, and people will feel safe."

CDC Resignations

In August 2021, this website was banned along with a second Letter to the Editor of the Taumarunui Bulletin.

NZ deception by omission.

Wuhan report bias

Exposure delayed

Pfizer/Reuters link

Latest in revelations of Fauci's responsibility for the COVID Pandemic