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Whether the JAB is or becomes compulsory is a contentious subject but the US has removed mandates issued November 2021.

US-based Gab has produced a list of templates to be used to exempt vaccination on religious grounds.

Conflict between the US Military and US political leaders has arisen with some in the US Military resisting orders to vaccinate, since the COVID-19 vaccine was made compulsory.

In a ruling Ellis J considered the public health 'benefit' to be of greater importance than the opinions of a few:

I necessarily proceed on the basis that:
(a) the nature and scale of the public health risk posed nationally and internationally by the COVID-19 epidemic are as assessed by those charged with administering New Zealand’s public health system;
(b) there is a public health benefit in the administration of lawfully approved vaccinations to those at risk of COVID-19;
(c) vaccination is not, and will not be, compulsory for the vast majority of the New Zealand public;
(d) any question of “mandatory” vaccinations for certain individuals is an employment matter (over which this Court has no jurisdiction) for those specifically affected by any such requirement; and
(e) informed consent will otherwise be sought and obtained before any act of vaccination.

Essentially the HCJ found that the Crown broke the law, but that this was justified:

[75] I have also found that it is reasonably arguable that the provisional consent granted to the Comirnaty vaccine was ultra vires s 23 of the Act ... The adverse public and private repercussions of doing[s] so are too great ...

Australian Authorities

US Military

Cook County, US Judge reverses his position after backlash

Infowars warning on location-on-demand compliance.

Australian COVID-19 Camps

Uvaccinated discrimination

Claims of US Military revolt:

INSIDER INFO: (UPDATE, it is probably NOT erroneous:) 10,754 air force pilots walked off the job after Biden's speech to avoid the jab ... it is adding up to thousands of pilots, not 28 or whatever else you might have heard ... the Air Force has approximately 20,000 pilots and half of them quitting to avoid the jab would not be a surprise because pilots are not stupid. REALITY: Biden just maimed the military. It will never be the same again ... The damage: Over half of the F22 fighter planes are now grounded due to lack of pilots. A vast majority of F-35 pilots are off the job. Half of the B52 pilots and their accompanying support are off the job. An incalculable pile of cargo and transport planes are grounded as are a majority of re-fueling planes. A majority of fighter jets of other types are grounded ... Individual cases in point have some air force bases totally shut down (not flying). The Air Force can probably launch about half of the planes it could before so many pilots quit ... The bottom line is that Biden issued an order for everyone to get jabbed or face court martial and a massive portion of the U.S. military quit. Biden just committed the largest strike against the American military that has ever happened by orders of magnitude. America may as well have been nuked ... And what about those who did get jabbed? I am sure they won't be able to fight very well.

Jim Stone

I’m gonna go door-to-door and stab everyone [with the COVID vaccine], ‘Oh, it’s just your booster shot! There you go!’ 

FDA Official

Firing the unvaccinated